PowerPoint Add-in: Comfortable


PowerPoint Add-in: Comfortable

Five buttons for more productivity

With the “Comfortable” package you get five important PowerPoint add-ins that increase your productivity and help you to spend less time editing PowerPoint presentations. Easy to install and use.

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PowerPoint Add-in: Comfortable

The basic add-in for faster PowerPoint creation

With the package “Comfortable” you get the following five basic PowerPoint tools

  • Align to first object: aligns the selected objects on the first object
  • Send selection als PPT: sends your selected slides as PPT via Microsoft Outlook
  • Send selection als PDF: sends your selected slides as PDF via Microsoft Outlook
  • Save selected slide as PDF: saves your selected slide as PDF at a selected space
  • Save selected slides as PDF: saves your selected slides as PDF at a selected space
  • Swap positions: swaps the position of two objects you have previously marked
  • Swap colors: swaps the colors of two objects you have previously marked
  • Select similar objects: selects similar shapes, e.g. all rectangles, all circles, all stars
  • Center object: centers an object in the center of a slide
  • Align objects (4 functions): aligns objects in different ways
  • Chance size by %: changes the size of one or more objects by inserting a percentage value
  • Delete ident: deletes the ident of a text within one or more objects (eg of matrices)
  • Delete content: deletes all texts of your marked shapes (eg of matrices)


The next steps are easy

  1. Download PowerPoint add-in
  2. Receive license code via email
  3. Install PowerPoint add-in and insert license code
  4. Get started


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